Monday, October 3, 2011

Sandy Hook Adventure

Hi folks, yes we are back! I am not a hot weather person at all and spent a good part of my summer underground. Now that things are cooling off I have once again returned to my fishing follies and this weekend Tracy and I took to the coast. Yesterday we geared up and went down to Sandy Hook, to try and find a stripper or two. Thinking it would be overcast and rainy, I was looking forward to a sunless day of catching, but mother nature wouldnt have it. The sun came out brighter then ever and sent the bass deep during the day. We managed to catch one 4 pound bluefish the whole day and I found myself shucking clams when I got home as we had a ton of leftover bait.

We still had a great time though and had dinner at Sissy's over by the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. Its nice to be around that area as it just has fishing written all over it. I miss the days of party boat fishing and all my old friends who have long since passed.... especially Jules Navarro, Louie, Brooklyn Joe, Chester "Crunch", the list goes on and on. Those were the days.