Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hi Folks,

12 days 'til trout season 2014! I am so looking forward to getting a line wet for the first time this year. Looks like the season will be somewhat different thanks to some un-wanted microbes invading our hatchery. What a shame they had to euthanize over a 115,000 trout that should've been out there biting our baits.

At any rate, I will begin the season at my usual locations up at the Ramapo River. I also look forward to the Connecticut season opener and my first experience on the mighty Shetucket River up near my Tracy's place.

Also on my agenda will be spring striper fishing as soon as I hear some bites are starting to happen. The water temps have not been cooperative to get old line sides hungry just yet. We shall see!

I promise this year I will write more and keep you all posted on my fishing adventures! Until then lets hope the weather improves and that the streams stay at a decent level all the way 'til June.