Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Trout Fishing 2013 on the Ramapo!!!

Hi Folks,

Rainbow Trout #1 of the day
Yeah sorry I haven't been on here in a while I stopped fishing for trout rather early this spring in order to do some bird watching at the wildlife refuges between here and Connecticut. Anyhow I did get out on Sunday for some fall trout fishing up at the Ramapo. I fished the stretch at Glen Grey Road and spied several large trout that the state stocked on Friday.
The water was shallow and crystal clear so these fish were easily spooked. After wading for a while I realized that most of the fish were hugging the banks finding whatever cover they could to feel safe. As with every fall season fishing is somewhat tough but if you know what colors to use you can usually coax one or two of those beauties to bite!
So I like to use a small brown roostertail with gold blade on my spinning gear or a brown marabou muddler with gold tinsel on the fly rod. Today I had the spinning rod out and after an hour of casting I finally got one of those speckled beauties to bite!

Rainbow Trout #2 of the day!
After that I hiked upstream and saw several more fish and eventually convinced yet another nice rainbow to bite. Two fish  are about my expectations for fall fishing, you either get lucky and get one or two or you catch nothing. For me this a fine day of fishing!!!

Missed having my favorite fishing partner, Tracy along this fall! She's busy with school and working hard for her career goals. I am certain we will be fishing together again soon!