Sunday, May 20, 2012

Musconetcong Magic

     Hey folks, this week we decided to give the Ramapo a break and head out west a little. We fished the Musconetcong River on Saturday and had an interesting day. First of all, it seems like the fishing pressure has layed off abit as I think we saw only 5 or 6 other anglers fishing in a 4 mile stretch of freshly stocked river.
     Our first stop was below the bridge at Point Mountain Road. We fished from there down stream about a half of mile and did not find any fish. Next stop was up river back behind the River Star Diner. We hiked about a quarter mile downstream and found a quiet secluded stretch.
     By about 3 o'clock we started to see some fish rise and after lot of casting I nailed the first trout of the day with a brown roostertail. Next it was Tracy's turn and before you know it the fishing was on. We started working our way back up river and found ourselves in the middle of the river surrounded by rising trout. In the end we each caught 5 trout. Tracy caught and released a nice 14 inch brown as well as a chunky rainbow. I got a fair sized brook trout and 4 other rainbows.
     All in all a nice day of fishing. Hopefully we will get some more rain this week. As June approaches I will be winding down on the trout fishing and hope to get some more time on the lakes. Til next time like they always say... "Keep a tight line"  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday, May 11th Good Fishing Again

     Hi Folks, yet another good day of fishing on the Ramapo with Tracy. We started out by the 287 bridge on the Mahwah side and found plenty of trout. We caught several browns and a nice rainbow there
     Next stop was the Reservation and with a little work we found several more fish mostly browns. Tracy caught 8 total and I caught 9.
     We took 4 fish home for the dinner table yesterday and they were yummy. I dont usually keep em but one got gill hooked and left me with no choice but to keep it. Of course you cant go home with one so I kept the next three fish we caught. Everything else was catch and release.
     With the weekly rains, the rivers have stayed nice and healthy and so the fishing will continue. I hope I can keep this up into June again this year and so far thats looking good.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friday May 4th: Best Trout fishing this Season

     Hi Folks, Sorry didnt post this sooner but I have had a very active weekend. Friday Tracy and I fished the Ramapo Reservation and found plenty of trout. Tracy got 4 rainbows, one brookie and 5 browns. I got 12 browns. Seemed like brown roostertails with gold blades did the job well. The river was at a nice level after the early morning thunderstorms rolled through. I hope we get a shot of rain like that at least once a week!
     For the rest of the weekend we went canoeing at Lake Waywayanda and teased the bass for a while. When I say teased I mean teased! I through spinner baits, poppers and rubber worms only to have lots of bass and pickeral follow them to the boat but none would hit. Oh well we still caught plenty of jumbo sized bluegills to keep the rods bending.
     Today we kayaked Round Valley Reservoir for a bit, not a bite on any of the baits we through out. It was a wonderfull day on the water though. We are both sorry to see the weekend come to an end. Next Friday I hope to get out again until then stay posted!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clearing the Cob Webs

    Hi folks, over the weekend I was down in south Jersey to do some computer repair for my clients and to spend some time with family. Sunday I took a ride to Corson's Inlet and had a wonderful walk on the beach. I saw a whole bunch of guys striper fishing but no one seemed to had any luck.
     Monday after work I ventured out to the Ramapo to just clear my head of life's little stresses. Seems like fishing pressure has eased just a smidge and I was able to find a trout or two. On bright sunny days I recommend looking for areas with good cover, large boulders or submerged logs. 
    Soon I will begin fly fishing more but I'm sure I'll still throw a roostertail around now and then. Hope to get out Friday either here, Roscoe or Connecticut I haven't made up my mind yet.
    Folks every now and then I like to pick up a bunch of trash and dispose of it properly. If we all have a hand in that from time to time our river banks will be much cleaner for all to enjoy. I recommend ya bring a pair of work gloves so nothing sticks ya. Lets all try to take part wherever you fish or walk outdoors.