Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where did all the fish go? (Ramapo River)

New Jersey trout fishing report 6/14/11: Went down to Glen Gray Rd after dinner today to try out some new casting techniques I learned for fly fishing. I did infact attempt to find some rising fish but that simply didnt materialize. After a while I tied on my trusty brown maribou muddler and came up with one brown trout. Seemed like there wasnt a whole lot of fish left at that spot.

I headed down to the stretch behind the Oakland Rec center and saw at least two fish rising in the riffles. I was unsuccessful at figuring out what they were eating.

I may try another trip to Roscoe on Friday as I am out for trout revenge based on poor catch numbers last week. Stay tuned!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dismal Day in Roscoe, NY

Catskills fishing report 6/10/11: I dont even know where to begin. I guess I will start at the Sunoco station convienience store where I usually pick up a couple of slabs of beef jerky. Yesterday it was dryer than a cedar plank! You could've made a briefcase out of it!

On a good note, the weather was just absolutely gorgeous. The Beaverkill was very wadeable and the water temps were in the mid 60's.

We started out at Junction Pool in Roscoe just to try to get some fish at the end of our lines and man did we have to work for them. Tracy caught her first trout on a fly rod using a olive spinner, and as the day progressed I found some fish sipping the banks and caught two on a size 16 black ant. And that was pretty much it! We tried worms and hardly got a bite. There were plenty of fish around but they were as locked jawed as a machinists vice.

After lunch we took a ride to the West Branch of the Delaware, and fished Hales Eddy. We fished worms there and after a dismal two hours we had one bite and one fish. Mind you Hales Eddy and Junction Pool are usually places we kick the hell out of them with worms.... AND TODAY DAMN NEAR NOTHING!

Leaving there and looking forward to the evening hatch and rising fish, we headed back to the Beaverkill. We hit the big pool below Junction pool and waited for the hatch to start.... and waited and waited!!!! If I saw three sulphers and one or two spinners that would be an overstatement. There was no rises at all! It was as dead as my beef jerky!

Overall the fishing was a huge let down. Oh well I hope perhaps with the rain and cooler temperatures we have today I might get another shot at trout fishing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last trip on the Ramapo for spring trout fishing?

New Jersey trout fishing report 6/6/11: Well folks I think today was it for me on the Ramapo barring another rain event big enough to fill and cool the stream down. There are plenty of trout around still however you can see the effects of the warmer water temps starting to take a toll. It seemed that revival time was a little longer and the fish seemed generally more stressed after catching. But if today was the last trip then a hell of a trip it was ending the day releasing 7 trout, 4 browns and 3 rainbows.

I think the final overall round of trout fishing for spring will be on Friday up in Roscoe with Tracy. I can hardly wait! Til then keep a tight line as some anglers would say.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Had to work for 'em today on the Salmon River Ct.

Connecticut trout fishing report 6/5/11: It could not have been a more beautiful day here in Colchester Ct. Today was somewhat overcast with temperatures hovering in the high 60's and coming off a cool night made the water temperature perfect for catch and release. With spring stocking complete we had to walk off the beaten path and hunt our quarry were few have troden. Seemed like rainbow trout were the domninant catch today, Tracy caught 2 rainbows and I caught 3 with a smattering of salmon parr once again.

I've got just a couple of more trout fishing trips planned as rain seems to be alluding us once again. I hope to get up to the Ramapo in Jersey once more during the week, and Thursday night Tracy and I are heading up to Trout Town USA! (Roscoe NY) for a one time appearance at the Beaverkill. Also planned for next week is a saltwater trip out on Long Island Sound aboard the Shamrock with my buddy Mike.

Stay tuned for more fun and adventures. I will be sure to take lots of pictures next time around.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Riffles, Sniffles, Salmon and Trout

Connecticut Trout Fishing Report 6/4/11: Well the title tells it all! I am suffering from allergies like never before. With a runny nose and water itchy eyes, I still managed to don my waders and head to the river. That is the the Salmon River here in Connecticut. We only had an hour or two to fish before darkness set in but we made the best of it. Tracy caught a nice brown to start the evening and I caught an 8 inch native brookie and a brown. Also plentiful tonight were the Salmon Parr. They were chomping the roostertail and just about anything else they could latch onto.

I should've had the fly rod out tonight as the caddis hatch was just insane with fish rising to the occasion. Also about were some sulfers, cahils, a few little green stoneflies and some slate drakes. Seemed like the caddis were the main attraction for the fish. Oh well I will try the fly rod tommorrow we shall see what happens!