Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February on the Flat Brook

         What a day! Spring like temperatures, cloudless skies and what was that ....rising fish? Yes its true! Today Dave and I fished the Big Flat Brook in two seperate stretches. First we started down just south of the Wallpack Inn. There I hooked and landed a 3ft piece of barbed wire! Following a brief lunch break we headed up towards Layton and stopped at 3 bridges road. After about a half mile hike down stream we came across a nice slow stretch of river with good depth. A few minutes after arriving we noticed a number of shad caddis fluttering on the surface and thought, wow with all these flies out there it would be nice to see some fish rising.... and just like that we did! Not once but several times! I almost wish I had brought the fly rod, but after a few casts of my worm I landed a nice 14 inch brook trout. Then Dave hooked and lost a nice fish. Within a short time Dave hooked another that followed his bait in like a shark and took it just as he was getting it close to shore. Yet another brook trout this time about 15 inches. We totally didnt expect to catch a damn thing today let alone come up with two nice fish and actually see rising trout in February! .....All in all a beautiful day and a couple of happy fishermen.