Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Afternoon on the Ramapo

Hey Folks,

Once again after work I headed up to Mahwah and stopped at my favorite trout stream.... Ok well its not my favorite, but at least its somewhat close to home. Conditions today were sunny, breezy and warm with no jacket required! I figured I would get out today before the monsoon hits tomorrow LOL!

Needless to say, sometimes its not the act of catching that makes trout fishing so enjoyable, its simply the act of standing in a mountain stream with nothing but the water rushing by and the birds singing. For me this is living! Anyhow, that being said I still caught a couple of trout today although I had to really work for them. It seems that the Ramapo is getting hit extra hard with anglers who normally fish other waters that are not being stocked this year due to the plague at the hatchery. You have to be persistent and willing to walk the river to find what fish remain.

Today I tried roostertails and couldn't get a bite on them so I switched to worms and of course that did the trick. I find that once I happen upon an actively feeding fish, if I don't catch it after the first couple of hits, I walk away for about ten minutes then try again. Usually that helps the fish regain interest in your bait. I did this twice today after few stolen baits and each time I returned to the spot, I caught the hungry speckled buggers!

I will try some kind of fishing on Friday again for sure, I don't now if it will be for trout, stripers or some other finny monster! Till then keep a tight line!


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